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Planning Your Visit


Download These Forms:

We appreciate your participation in our event and hope you will share this information with other Sutlers.

Please print and mail the completed Registration form with your check made payable to Pennypacker Mills to the address below. The registration fee is $25 per Sutler.

We are planning another exciting event with outstanding military battles each day, demonstrations of civilian life in the encampment area, artillery demonstrations each day, the "Be a Soldier Kid Enlistment Program" on both days.

Should you camp at our event, please remember that we provide FREE firewood. The Ash borers, Asian long-haired beetles and gypsy moths lay eggs in the bark and wood of trees and when brought onsite, can infect our healthy trees. You are welcome to use as much firewood as you need. The wood pile is conveniently located near the field parking, just above the Sutler area.

We also provide FREE ice and straw and encourage you to come down to the mansion on Saturday after dinner for a slice of delicious cake as our thank you for attending the event.

Thank you for your continued participation and enthusiasm for our Civil War event. If you have any questions, please feel free to give the site a call or email: 

REMINDER: No Pets Please!